Link building continues to be an essential element in elevating your Google rankings. This article offers an in-depth exploration of 10 effective strategies designed to increase the number of backlinks to your website and, in turn, enhance the performance of your site’s SEO. What’s more, all of these strategies can be implemented free of charge.

For anyone serious about boosting their website’s SEO performance, it’s vital to place link building at the top of your priority list. A good place to begin your link building journey is to set a practical objective, such as securing your first 100 high-value backlinks.

While this may seem like a randomly selected number, it’s a proven benchmark in many low to mid competition niches. Achieving this goal can generate a significant volume of organic traffic to your site, which is a key component in improving SEO performance. We, at Pipeliner, continue to strive and improve for excellence.

To illustrate this, let’s consider some cases. A sports-focused website with approximately 200 linking domains attracts around 5,000 search visits per month. A low-authority travel portal with close to 225 referring domains garners over 4,500 search visits monthly. A food and cuisine blog with about 80 referring domains attracts more than 6,000 search visits per month. The key insight here is that assembling 100 high-value backlinks imparts you with the hands-on experience required for successful link building.

While it’s true that not all backlinks hold equal value, it’s also crucial to understand that poor-quality backlinks can damage your site’s reputation. Steer clear of links from sources like comment spam, forum links, PBNs, and coupon sites, as they can potentially erase your website’s presence from Google. Without further a due, here are some proven strategies to kick-start your backlink building journey:

1. Tap into your existing networks

If you’re a member of any relevant organizations, communities, or clubs that are relevant to your field or interests, don’t hesitate to request a link back to your site. These organizations often have dedicated pages for their team members or advisory board, where they list out the members along with their credentials and contributions.

Including a link back to your site not only adds to your credibility but also increases your site’s visibility. This would be an excellent opportunity to expand your network and reach, as these organizations usually have a broad audience base that could become potential visitors or customers for your site.

2. Utilize HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a valuable resource that serves as a bridge between journalists and sources. In the fast-paced world of media, journalists often find themselves in need of expert opinions to give depth and credibility to their stories. With HARO, as a registered “source,” you’ll have the opportunity to provide that expertise.

You’ll receive regular emails that compile a variety of requests from journalists across different fields and topics. This allows you to select the queries that align best with your knowledge and experience.

By providing thoughtful, insightful answers to these queries, you can position yourself as an authority in your field. Furthermore, in return for your valuable input, you have the opportunity to earn high-quality backlinks. This not only enhances your credibility but also positively impacts your website’s search engine ranking.

3. Podcast Interviews

Engaging in a podcast interview is a beneficial opportunity. It provides a platform to project your voice and ideas to a wide audience. This type of exposure is trust-based, meaning it allows you to connect with listeners on a deeper level, fostering a sense of trust and understanding between you and the audience.

Furthermore, these interactions often result in the podcast host linking back to your website or online platform. This not only drives traffic to your site but also helps to increase your digital footprint and enhance your online visibility, which can be instrumental in growing your brand or business.

4. Email Outreach

Promoting your high-quality, top-tier content through a well-structured email outreach strategy can effectively secure valuable links in existing articles or content currently in the works. This proactive approach involves the careful identification of outdated articles that have nonetheless managed to earn significant backlinks over time.

Once such articles are identified, the next step involves reaching out directly to the individuals or organizations that have linked to this outdated material. You can then communicate the value of your own content, offering your updated, more relevant, and meticulously researched content as an alternative.

This not only provides them with a better resource to link to but also helps their own audience by providing them with the most updated and accurate information. This mutually beneficial strategy is a proven method for enhancing the reach and impact of your high-quality content.

5. Article Roundup Posts

Start by assembling a comprehensive list of websites that regularly publish roundup posts specific to your industry or area of expertise. These websites often serve as a hub for gathering and sharing topical content, making them a valuable resource. Once this list is created, make it a part of your content marketing strategy to reach out to these platforms regularly.

Each time you generate and publish new content that aligns with their focus and could potentially be relevant for their roundups, ensure to notify them. This could be a blog post, research paper, infographic or any form of content that adds value to their audience. By doing this, you’re not only increasing your content’s visibility but also potentially building meaningful relationships within your niche.

One effective strategy you can use is to identify broken links on various websites and then offer your own relevant content as a suitable replacement. Broken links can cause frustration for users and damage the credibility of a website, so site owners are often thankful for the assistance in identifying and replacing them.

This tactic not only helps the website but also provides an opportunity for you to improve the visibility and reach of your content. For greater effectiveness in this strategy, it’s recommended to focus specifically on newer articles that have broken links. Newer articles likely receive more traffic, so replacing a broken link on those pages can result in more visibility for your content.

7. Linkable Assets

The primary objective is to produce engaging and unique content that will organically attract backlinks. This strategy is crucial for improving your website’s SEO ranking. To achieve this, consider creating various types of valuable content that users will find useful and interesting.

One way to do this is by conducting and publishing research studies in your industry, which will not only showcase your expertise and credibility but also provide valuable information to your audience. Offering free tools that solve common problems or enhance productivity can also be an effective way to attract backlinks, as users are likely to share useful resources with others.

Finally, consider creating definitive guides on relevant topics. These comprehensive resources can serve as a go-to source of information for your audience, making them more likely to link back to your content. Remember, the key to attracting backlinks is providing value to your audience.

8. Guest Posting

Consider developing high-quality, free content for other websites with the understanding that, in return, they will provide a backlink to your site. This strategy, known as guest posting, not only helps in boosting your own website’s search engine rankings but also enhances your online presence and credibility.

When proposing to write guest content, it’s essential to focus on creating content that the other website could potentially rank for. This significantly increases your chances of success as it shows that you’re contributing value to their site. When the content you provide is valuable and relevant, it naturally raises the value of your guest post, making it a win-win situation for both parties involved.

This process involves the strategic exchange of backlinks with other relevant websites. Although this shouldn’t be the primary focus of your link building strategy, doing so occasionally can provide mutual benefits. This could involve identifying potential partner websites that share a similar target audience or industry.

Reach out to them with a proposal for a link exchange, which can increase visibility for both parties. However, it’s crucial to ensure that this strategy is used sparingly and not as the main method for building links, as search engines prioritize organic and high-quality links.

10. Digital PR

Develop compelling, newsworthy stories that catch the attention of the audience. Make sure these stories are relevant, timely, and unique, thereby appealing to journalists.

Once you have created these stories, establish contacts with journalists and media outlets and pitch these stories to them. By getting these stories published in high authority news outlets, you can earn high-quality backlinks, which are essential for enhancing your website’s SEO performance and overall online visibility.


Remember, consistency is key. Regularly employing these strategies can significantly boost your site’s SEO performance, driving more traffic and increasing your website’s authority.

While securing your first 100 backlinks may seem like a tall order initially, it’s a critical milestone in enhancing your website’s SEO. By leveraging these strategies, you’ll not only boost your website’s organic traffic but also gain priceless hands-on experience as a link builder. We, at Pipeliner, look forward to news of your success.